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1TRISPENpenne tricolore12 pz/pc500 g80138850404145/7 minutes

* purely Italian durum wheat

This pasta is manufactured only with selected raw materials. The durum wheat used is fully Italian and comes completely from Sicily. We don’t use neither imported wheat nor wheat coming from other parts of Italy. The vegetables and the spices used are in pieces and/or leaves and the stalks and the yellow parts are discarded. No flavourings are used. The pasta making is marked by a slow drying at low temperature enabling to preserve most of the properties and the taste of the ingredients composing the pasta.

The result is an organic first course characterised by the classic fresh Mediterranean basil and tomato taste, making it a particular summer light course. This enables to season this pasta only with raw oil or butter without adding other sauce, as this is represented by the basil and the tomato contained in the pasta.

Food preservation: keep in a fresh, dry, clean, odourless place, out of sun rays

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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